Are you
overwhelmed with Emotion due to Divorce?

And your future feels uncertain…

Has the end of your marriage left you feeling depressed, anxious and worried about your future?


It’s time to start feeling better.


You’re disappointed in your marriage and in your partner. Your vows meant something to you. For many years, you sucked it up and hoped things would get better. Now you wonder, why did I stay for so long? If you question how you’ve been living your life, and how things could have gone so wrong, then you’ve come to the right place.
Perhaps you stayed silent to avoid conflict, or reached the point where you just gave up, and didn’t realize how much your happiness was suffering. Now you’ve decided to divorce, or perhaps your spouse has told you they’re leaving. The feelings of fear, resentment and anger are overwhelming. You worry about your family, your children, your future, your survival. You’re not at peace and it feels like your fears are controlling you.
Clients often say they feel like they’re in, “The fog of Divorce.” They can’t sleep, concentrate and have no energy for friends, family or fun. Divorce sounds so common yet feels like a tremendous loss and takes a toll. Right now, imagining a different future seems impossible. Take the time you need….

If you’re wrestling with any of the scenarios below, there is hope!

  • Stuck in an unhappy marriage: Not sure if you should try and work it out or end things. You’re don’t know how things have gone so wrong but you know something must change.
  • Fear about what a divorce may do to your children: You question if your children will be damaged by a divorce and how you would share them with your co-parent.
  • Extreme worry or catastrophizing thoughts: You can’t seem to slow down your thoughts, your mind is ruminating, you’re either obsessing about what has happened or what may happen.
  • Symptoms of panic: Your worry causes you to have difficulty breathing, heart palpitations, or you break out in nervous sweats.
  • Betrayal: You’ve betrayed your vows and have an overwhelming sense of guilt, or you’ve been betrayed by your spouse and are so angry.
  • Self-doubt: You doubt yourself, what you thought you knew, and your judgment. You’re confused, feel like you’re in the ‘fog of divorce’ and cannot see a way forward.
  • The sense of loss, grief, and disappointment is overwhelming: You wonder if you will ever feel whole again.
  • You worry about your future, how you will support yourself and how you’ll maintain your lifestyle: You may have been a stay-at-home mom or had the benefit of two incomes, and you only experience fear and dread when you think about tomorrow.

Good News: Here are some benefits of counseling and coaching…

  • Find validation for difficult thoughts and feelings. You will realize you are not alone and you are not going crazy.
  • Explore your story and create a narrative that makes sense for you. You’ll understand how you got to this point and how to have a different future.
  • You will be able to decide to get off the emotional rollercoaster. You will have new skills when difficult thoughts pop up.
  • Develop stronger coping skills. You will learn how to handle the distress that happens in the divorce process.
  • You will have a plan to Cope Ahead for the unknown, and when the unexpected happens.
  • Calm your mind and racing thoughts.  You will become more aware of your thoughts and how they affect your feelings.
  • Imagine a different future. There will be a Silver Lining for you.