About Lynn Waldman

Lynn Waldman, LCSW, Licensed Therapist, Divorce Coach, Parent Coordinator and Mediator

Lynn is the President of the Collaborative Family Law Group of San Diego for 2018; a non-profit multi-disciplinary referral network of independent Family Law Attorneys, Certified Divorce Financial Analysts and Mental Health Professionals trained to provide clients with alternatives to traditional divorce litigation- clients are empowered to put their families first and keep their issues out of court.

Lynn has worked with individuals, couples and families for over 20 years, her specialty is divorce. She offers support for clients in all phases of ending their marriage and moving forward, as well as for parents who have difficulty with co-parenting and child sharing.

Divorce is trauma as it brings chaos and uncertainty about the future to couples and families. If you are going through divorce, most likely, you are already experiencing the stages of grief and loss; denial/shock, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Clients often say, “Why is this happening to me, I just don’t under this.” And clients wonder, “What happened to the person I married, I just don’t recognize him/her?” Most concerning for many parents is their children and the most often asked question is, “How do we tell our children we are getting a divorce?”

You may have feelings of extreme emptiness, sadness, hopelessness and despair. Making sense of your story is one of the most important parts of healing from divorce trauma. Lynn’s Therapeutic and Divorce Coaching approach to surviving the trauma of divorce is focused on hearing your emotional pain, your grief and disappointment. You will find validation for your deepest feelings and Lynn will join you, wherever you are.

Even after their divorce, some parents continue to have disagreements about raising their children and for those families, Lynn may serve as a Parent Coordinator. Rather than face the stress, cost and anxiety of returning to court as a result of parenting disagreements, you may find it makes sense for your family to have a therapist, with knowledge about the developmental needs of children, assist in decision making. With eight years of experience as a Family Court Counselor, Lynn has knowledge of the court process, parenting plans, and what it means to co-parent effectively.

In 2006, Lynn completed 40 hours of training facilitated by the Administrative Office of the Courts, required by the Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, to be a Child Custody Recommending Counselor. In addition, in 2015 she completed a 32-hour Mediation Training Course. Lynn may be appointed by the Court to make a recommendation in your child sharing disagreement, and she offers confidential, non-recommending mediation for parents who chose to keep their matter out of court.

With all of Lynn’s Family Court Services experience, she assists clients in preparing for their Family Court Services mediation appointment; clients learn what to expect, what questions they may be asked, and role play answering questions, and proposing their desired parenting plan.

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Lynn is a member of:

  • Association of Family and Conciliation Courts
  • National Association of Social Workers
  • Affiliate member of the San Diego Family Law Bar Association
  • California Society for Clinical Social Work