If you’re an attorney, you might measure your success in wins and losses when it comes to court cases.

However, when you’re dealing with divorce, there are no winners and losers. It’s often an overwhelming, emotional roller coaster of a situation, no matter what. Even in amicable divorces, there are hurt feelings.

If you don’t practice family law, it’s important to refer your clients to the right people who can help them through the divorce process. Collaborative Practice San Diego can help those going through a divorce by providing the necessary resources for each element of a divorce; legal, financial and emotional.

What is the collaborative divorce process, and how can it help your clients?

How Does Collaborative Divorce Work?

The collaborative divorce process is a client-driven process that centers around family. It doesn’t focus on who wins or loses in a court case. Rather, it serves as an alternative to litigation by putting family first.

We call it collaborative divorce because it’s just that—multiple Collaboratively trained experts working together with a client for the best possible outcome. Your client will work closely with their Collaborative Family Law Attorney, where they will get legal advice.. But there are additional support measures taken with the collaborative divorce that make all the difference.

Who Is Collaborating?

The additional support your client will receive from the collaborative divorce process includes a Divorce Coach, who is a mental health professional. It’s easy for someone to get caught up in the emotions of divorce and get sidetracked from decision making. A divorce coach works with clients to increase their skills in effective communication, managing emotions and tolerating the stress of divorce. Clients will sit across the table from one another during negotiations in team meetings, and the more effectively they communicate, the more effectively they will negotiate. Clients will also have access to a Child Specialist if needed. Children are especially vulnerable during the divorce process. Even though you may not practice family law, you’ve likely heard (or seen) disheartening stories of child custody battles and arguments that seem to focus more on who gets what, rather than what’s best for the children.

Finally, the collaborative team will include a neutral Financial Specialist, who will lead team meetings. The financial specialist guides the gathering of financial information, allowing the clients to look at, “the whole pie” so they may consider asset division, and any support issues. The financial specialist may make suggestions for division of assets and debts and will also assist the clients in looking at their finances going forward.

Why Is Collaborative Divorce Beneficial?

Divorce isn’t a singular event. Those going through it have to consider everything from their own emotions to the legal aspect of the process, and of course, their financial situations.

The collaborative divorce process meets all of those needs by providing experts in each area. And it allows the clients to drive the process, rather than trying to make decisions for them or let a court have the final say. Collaborative divorce can “save” a family going through a highly litigated divorce. It makes the entire process a healthier one—especially if the couple has children.

We would like to encourage you, as Business Attorney, to consider the collaborative process to assist your clients through a divorce. When you refer your clients to the Collaborative Process who work together for their benefit, they are more likely to experience a positive outcome. Working with a team of specialists also allows clients to make decisions about what is best for them, their family and their resources.

Please feel free to contact the San Diego Divorce Counseling Center for more information if you have clients who are starting the divorce process, 619-865-3203.