Meet Our Team

Candace Redcliff, LCSW

Candace joined the San Diego Divorce Counseling Center in 2020 with over 25 years of experience as a family therapist. She has worked with clients in many aspects of life transitions including divorce and recovery, child sharing and co-parenting. Candace has a passion for helping people work through their trauma while they also create a different and more empowered future; you will reconnect with your sense of self and values. Her desire is for all clients to have better connections in their relationships with others, to have a sense of purpose in their life, and to experience more fun! Candace is also a Maritime Sea Captain and facilitates Mindfulness Sailing Groups where clients learn and experience core mindfulness skills, relaxation and mastery, while on the water.

Lucy Millan, LCSW

Lucia Millan has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 2010. She joined the San Diego Divorce Counseling Center in 2019 in order to create a positive environment for clients to explore their thoughts and feelings. She has substantial experience working as a Family Court Services mediator and Child Custody Recommending Counselor for the Superior Court of California, San Diego, for over 12 years. She has accumulated thousands of hours mediating cases and providing recommendations and stipulations to the court in high conflict divorce cases. She also specializes in Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and co-parenting skills counseling. Lucy has been working with individuals and families for over 21 years and offers in depth experience and compassion to her clients.

Karem Smith, LMFT

Karem joined San Diego Divorce Counseling Center in 2019. Karem has a passion for working with clients enduring the trauma of separation and divorce. She supports individuals as they explore their thoughts and feelings through the chaos and clouds of their life transition. Karem is well versed in treating depression, anxiety and trauma associated with divorce through EMDR, as well as other modalities, and holds the safe space for clients when their world has been turned upside down. Karem is very passionate about working with those who have a desire to live a happier and healthier life.

Lynn Waldman, LCSW

Lynn Waldman, LCSW, is the Owner and Clinical Director of the San Diego Divorce Counseling Center. At the San Diego Divorce Counseling Center clients have the opportunity to find support for their trauma and work through this difficult time in a safe environment. Clients concerns and worries are validated. Clients gain skills they can use in day to day life to help them gain clarity and find calm. They learn to tolerate the distress of divorce, child sharing and co-parenting. Clients also learn to manage their difficult emotions, regain their sense of self, and most importantly, clients find solid footing for their future as the fog of divorce clears.

Lynn Waldman has 15+ years experience as a therapist and child custody mediator. Lynn offers therapy/ coaching, Parent Coordination Services, and coaching prep to clients for their Family Court Services Mediation appointments. Lynn is a Past President of Collaborative Practice San Diego and currently serving on the Board as a Member-at-Large.