Top 10 Tips for Your Family Court Services Mediation session;

Must Know Information before you go into Mediation.

  1. So you have an appointment with Family Court Services for mediation. Relax and take a deep breath. We’re here to help you prepare….
  1. Parents who cannot agree to a sharing plan for their children have to attend mediation; either at Family Court Services, or, via private mediation if they choose.
  1. Family Court Services allots four hours per every case; your actual time in mediation could be much less. Clients seen on Friday morning have less time for mediation.
  1. In every mediation session, there is a beginning phase, middle phase and end phase.
  1. In the beginning phase, the mediator covers logistical and risk assessment questions.
  1. In the middle phase, you have an opportunity to discuss your concerns with the mediator and to respond to the concerns of your co-parent.
  1. In the end phase of the mediation session, you will have an opportunity to formulate a parenting plan, based upon mutual agreement with your co-parent.
  1. If you and your co-parent are not able to agree upon a sharing plan for your child, the mediator will submit a written recommendation to the Court.
  1. Legal and physical custody are issues that are best decided by both parents.
  1. When parents are able to agree to a sharing plan, children feel much less stress and are able to focus on being kids.

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