Family Court Services Prep

Clients learn what to expect for their Family Court Services (FCS) appointment; every FCS session has a beginning, middle and end. Clients are coached on how the process works and given an opportunity to role play their concerns and possible resolutions. Through preparation, clients prioritize their issues, learn how to propose a parenting plan and learn what may be a distraction in the process. Clients are taught coping skills and mindfulness techniques to become and remain calm throughout the process.

Private Mediation/ Child Custody Recommending Counseling

Confidential parenting plan mediation, and Child Custody Recommending Counseling are option for clients who seek to resolve child sharing disagreements. In determining a child sharing plan, both parents have the opportunity to be heard and understood while they discuss and consider the most child centered plan for their child(ren). In Child Custody Recommending cases a recommendation is made to the court.


In therapy, clients explore difficult emotions, debrief the trauma of their divorce and child sharing disagreements; they have the opportunity to make sense of their story, even if they are the leaving spouse. Clients increase the skills they need to cope through divorce; learning mindfulness, how to deal with difficult emotions and tolerate distress, and how to ask for what they need in a way that will be heard. Clients are offered a safe, warm environment to talk about their past and hopes for the future.

Parent Coordination

When parents continue to disagree post judgment, they and their family may benefit by having a third party assist with difficult decisions. Parent Coordination services are available for parents who have a high-conflict co-parenting relationship with the goals of avoiding on-going trauma to children, additional stress, and court expense.